Mike Wilken’s presentation was very informative. He has spent about 30 years learning and interacting with Native tribes of Baja California. He helped establish the Museo Comunitario Kumiai in Tecate dedicated to the Kumeyaay tribe. One way the Native tribes of Baja California continue their traditions is through their arts, most importantly basketry which has received a lot of recognition. Basketry has even brought together different Native tribes from other areas.

We also got to know how the natives lived, what they ate, how the prepared their food. Natives have a vast knowledge of their landscape. They knew what foods were available during each season; medicinal uses for plants and where to find what they needed.

“Song Birds” was also very informative. I learned the battles Cahuilla were faced with and how the government tried hard to eradicate the Native traditions and culture. Through ancient chants the Cahuilla tribes remained united and have passed it down to the young generation.